Dancing in the dark

Been writing for a while. Editing my novel and writing some poetry. Not sure I will publish the poetry here or keep up with my cynosure of reverie site. I think I like the idea of keeping everything in my head on this one site. Time to take a break. Lights out. Lighting candle. I’m alone in my room in the shadows and my thoughts colliding with each movement my body makes, letting myself go. My mind flying, kissing dreams. I love the feeling of darkness and music, taking my imagination to new heights. It is such a high. Yeah… oh… yeah… mhm… I love the feeling. I love that song!

See the source image

I have plans to come back to blogging more often. I’m bringing back a few things and hopefully finish these stories I’ve started here, at least. LOL! It’s October. I might start with my Vampira tale. I would like to see what happens to Michael and Olivia. Lots of bloodsucking juiciness. It should be fun. I’ve gotten very close to my dark side in the last few months. Oh, the horror in my head. Yeah… I’m going to come here more often. I miss it and I miss you all.

Please forgive me if I don’t rush over to read you just yet. I will definitely catch up. Life just grabs you by the balls sometimes and you just let it take you until you realise you can fight back. So I am, and I will because I can. So I shall see you again soon my lovelies! For now, I hope you don’t mind if I dance awhile.




9 thoughts on “Dancing in the dark

    1. Hey buddy! All is good. Just stuff! I can’t wait for you to read it! I can’t wait to finish the damn thing! Lol!

      Hope you’re enjoying this awesome fall weather! Have you gone to the State Fair?

      I’m not going this year. We went to fright fest at six flags and it didn’t go well! Lol! I’m writing some horror but u can’t take it! Lol!


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