Spreading my wings

You walked in

Shining like the sun

I fell to my knees

Your smile

Your lips


I felt a weakness

Earth shook

I devoured you

You let me

Swallowed every word

You led me…

Led me astray

Spread my wings for you


The man I was before you


The man I was during you


The man I am now…


Clipped wings


Seduced, in love


You need more than a dictionary

Devil in any dress

Angel in my arms

Beautiful masked deceiver

Queen of the bitches

Spread my wings for you

Became your haven

My heart

You stomped on it

Tore it to shreds

Abused it


A chainless slave

“Silly boy”

Wanting to kill my fire

Wanting to be the only one

Hooked me with your legs

Sexed-up my life

Fucked up paradise

Spread my wings for you

Your puppet

Your dress-up Ken doll



Can keep your lips

Your moans

Your legs

Keep your whole damn body!

Your mind games

Your volatile mood swings

Your childish, selfish affection

You thought you had me


I spread my wings…

No more

©2019 Mel Gutiér

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