This year for my birthday, back in March, I took a trip to Oregon. It was only for a few days, but it was grand. Decadent. I traveled alone with my family’s blessing. It was one of the best birthday gifts I’ve ever received in my life. Today, I found myself reminiscing heavily on those few days alone. I did miss my family, but I didn’t lose any sleep over it. In fact, I never slept better. My mind took me wistfully back dreaming of Cape Lookout, experiencing the wild untamed hike up, remembering the twists and turns, the trees that sang to me, the sea that called my name with its mighty roar, the sunsets that warmed my spirit and the sand that grounded me. I felt like a child barely out of the womb, everything different, unfamiliar breath and yet this Texas gal felt right at home.

I was born in the wrong “state”. I was. My heart aches for that cool, spring wind that warmed my heart. I long to submerge my thoughts in the sea and beyond its horizon that comforted me so. I belong there, in the green monster paradise, wet, soaked with history, life before me. I want so much to return and finish that hike, get swept away by that raging sea that never ceased to amaze me. Every second was spent in child-like wonder. I couldn’t take enough pictures but then I just put my phone away and let my mind and my heart swallow the tapestry. Tall forests, vast oceans, treasures at every corner colliding with my every dream. My lungs were soaked with its scent. My body was invigorated with the hum of its voice. It fit me like a glove, custom made, for me alone.

I meant to share this with you all at the time. I just never got around to it. I think about that trip almost every day. I want to go back. I will go back. Maybe go back to stay. I do love my Texas, but Oregon is my true north, my haven. It is a place where I would be soothed, comforted, thrive as a human being. I feel it is rare to have found such a place, to know where you truly belong. It could have been Paris, you say. It could have been Canada, I say. I’ve always wanted to live in Canada, north, cold… snow. Canada isn’t far from home in Oregon. Washington state? Bonus! All this to say that I am in love with the Pacific Northwest.

I don’t have that great a camera phone but here you go.

I think that’s Mount Ranier.

Food truck galore in downtown Portland.

No worries. I wasn’t driving fast. I would have loved to have had a chauffeur.
On route to Lincoln City. Look at them clouds! Heaven!
Greeted by a lovely spring rain.
I mean look at the size of those trees!
I heard my name being sung like a dream and I had to stop here first. I stayed for about half an hour before checking in across the street.

I’m home!

The sun trying to escape
That’s a view of me turning back to see how far I had walked. Far. I wanted to keep going.
Sunset breaking through as the raging sea gave its serenade.
Early morning before heading out to explore.

Headed north and I had to stop on the side of the road because… majestic. I cried.
A very clear sign telling me I was home.

Wandered along the coast hoping to find a lighthouse. I’m sure those have a name.
Found Cape Lookout instead.
Apparently, I was probably going to die.

Treasures around every corner
I was going to die happy.
Nature giving me the finger
The ghost within externalizing. Gorgeous!
A couple very much in love
I stared at these for a while. It was peaceful.
This path is so much like my life. Gotta get through it.
The curvy and narrow path up. Resistance is futile.
This is where my birthday hike ended. I need to go back and finish it.

Birthday dinner
Birthday sunset
Awesome finds

Finally, we meet.

Until we meet again.

I do believe this is the largest share I’ve ever made. This was just a fraction of the photos I took. I took the majority of them at Cape Lookout. There was just so much going on there. It blew my mind. I might feature more photos from the beautiful monsters there in another post.

I am forever grateful and humbled by my experience. This writer’s life has been beautifully amplified by it.

Thanks for visiting.



13 thoughts on “Oregon

    1. Hey!!! I’m in love! I plan on moving there soon. I would have loved you showing me around! Next time perhaps. I’m in love with Cape Lookout. I’m just in love with everything there!

      Nice catching up. Hope you’re well and almost done with your masters?


      1. It’s easy to fall in love with Oregon. It’s a beautiful place. I’m blessed.
        Yes, I’m done with my masters. I’m working on all kinds of stuff. Lol. If you’re ever in Oregon, send me a message. Take care and nice hearing from you!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You’re in trouble now! I’m going to make sure and do that! By then we’ll be neighbors! 😜

        Lovely to hear from you! What about a doctorate? Might as well.

        Hugs young man!


  1. Twins again,, There’s the ocean and me, it’s where my soul goes free, cleansed by the pure crystals of the sea… ((Hugs))…… Sorry but none of photos appeared for me Mel…. I’d love to see them…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ivor! That’s so beautiful! Hugs back!

      I saw about the photos. Damnit! I’ll fix it tonight and try again posting them under Oregon Photos. I’ll link the original post.

      They showed for me when I did the preview! Not sure what happened. It was just too late for me to fix last night.

      Hope you’re doing well my friend. 😘

      Liked by 1 person

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