I am she and she is me

The way to her heart is dark

Hides in secret under rocks

Dampened melancholy whispers

Whispered… whisper… whispers

The sound of the rain tapping… tip… tip… tapping

She closes her eyes wide… to a reflection unlike…


Flood gates crashed and caused a burn

Quiet vicissitude weighing heavy on her spirit

As the wind pushes the dirt off her shoulder

Hiraeth lingering profoundly leaving a gash

No longer there, no longer she…

No longer who she… used to be

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

3 thoughts on “I am she and she is me

  1. Ahh… Hiraeth, a good old Welsh word (a bit of welsh in Ivor)….. and yes …I’m feeling very nostalgic this week…. this time last year I was in Philadelphia, having the time of my life, with cousins, their children, and grand children….

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