Fluttering in my Pink PJs

Had some free time alone tonight. So… dancing. Got some new pink PJs. I decided I like pink more than blue right now. I guess I’m going through a “pretty in pink” phase. I love this throwback from my teen years. Makes me happy in a fluttery way, sad happy. If I had known then what I know now about life, love… everything, not sure how things might have turned out for my present life. Meh… probs not better or worse. Probably the same. LOL! I do wonder about it sometimes. However, I don’t want to go back. Move along, Mel.

I miss it here. Fear and just my humanity have been keeping me under a rock. Was Twittering for a long while. Twitter… crazy place. I have met some wonderful people, broken and beautiful pieces of me. Sigh… I’m trying to write every day. I’m going to try to post here as often as I can too. No clear scheduled posts. I will do what comes naturally. I’m not going to force anything. I just need to keep that muscle working because it is truly what makes me happy, whole, me.

Nostalgia… don’t you just love that song! I find it an appropriate song for me right now. Anyway…

It’s the 4th of July in the fucked-up year of 2020. Pandemic anxiety, maddening racism scars/wounds reopening, political shit from the presidential ORANGE fucking DONKEY MONKEY and the uncertainty of a life pending fulfillment. Is our only other choice and hope an old man who might be better off taking a nap than running a country? Damn! Double sigh…

I am hopeful.

I will continue to dream, search for butterflies among the mothy skyscapes, the foggy soot of life.

I will continue to dance, flutter in pink horizons.

I hope you’ll join me.

All my love, Mel.

ButterflyPink.gif~original 240×320 pixels | Pintura em telas ...

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