You’ll never be mine

Dancing in the heat of a sultry dream

Remembering your eyes wanting me

Lingering on souvenirs made of words

Burnt by love’s delicious fire

Explosion of sweet aching passion and bliss

A blush birthed to be devoured

The river between my thighs

Flowing freely, rushing towards you

Drawn to you like a magnet

Caterpillar burst of butterfly

Flutter, flutter, flutter…

Nights spent in secret whispers

The poem of you and me spoken out loud

Set ablaze across a black canvas

Locked in forever wishes


Settling in reality’s grave disposition

You’ll never be mine

I will always be yours

I’m jolted awake

The truth is too bright

It hurts

It cuts

Engraved in my veins

Blinding me


It’s crystal clear

Like my tears

You’ll never be mine

© 2020 Mel Gutiér

10 thoughts on “You’ll never be mine

    1. Hello there big brother! I’m glad for your visit! Hope you’re keeping yourself out of trouble and still going for your walks. Tough times but I’m pretty sure you are tougher! 😉

      I’m slowly working my way back here. More to come! Soon! Much love and hugs my dear! Muah!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello little sister.i slowly hop between the values of an English summer of one minute heatstroke and the next torrential dampness.i haven’t stopped going out as I rarely meet people anyway. Life is good. I have succumbed to the tug of ever present gardening and riding my bicycle threw this green and pleasant land.i look forward to more writing, you never know it may encourage me again.

        Liked by 1 person

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