Who we are

I like watching you, how you move, with a cool serenity in the shadows of anticipation. It gives me great pleasure, soothes the ache of wanting you. I get goosebumps when you look back at me, teasing me with your dark eyes as you remove your shirt. I feel the effects in my mouth and… elsewhere. I’m at the edge of desire. Dirty thoughts pulsate in my head. My thighs stop time as my breath becomes heavy and I have to lay back, surrender, begging you with my body. End my agony. You walk towards me, slowly, like a beast, hungry, ready to feast, but cautiously reserved. You want to enjoy it. Your brawn presses against me gently, leaving just enough room to let me arch my back, hoping. I am soaked with want. I am yours for whatever you want. Use your imagination. I’m open to all your abilities. You’re serious now. It drives me crazy when you mean it. Yes! Please! Kisses! God! Take what you will, destroy me. Give me your wild, your savage love. This perfect biology, the union of you and me. Yes! Your hands squeeze my hips taking control. Like a doll, a plaything, I let you take me over, slowly, removing everything that covers my skin shivering under your heat. I reach down between us and I feel how much you love me, how much you want me. You grab hold of my wrist, stopping the rush. All I want—

“Not yet.” You whisper in response.

Like an obedient child, I move my hand away. I make my way to your chest, tracing the history of touches. It all belongs to me. I wrote it vigorously over years of deciphering the you, that’s me, that’s us. You belong to me. I belong to you. You look into me as if you’re casting a spell. Your midnight eyes bewitch me, obliterating the remaining traces of purity that may still be residing in my soul. I feel your hand reach down between us. You slowly spread me open, like a delicate orchid, fully exposed. You swallow as you look at me. I used to shy away from this, this raw behavior. Now I welcome it. I know what you want to do and how.

“Please.” I plead.

“Please what?”

“Just… please. You know what.” I respond struggling to breathe. I’m on fire and I don’t care for being proper right now. You smile straddling over me on your knees. My breasts in goose bumps.

“Go ahead.” You command softly. You feel badly for me. I know. You want to please me, knowing that if you do, you will be pleased too.

My tongue licks desire off my lips as I pull off the black boxers that have caused me so much turmoil, keeping me from what is mine. I free you, in your vigorous glory. You’re a work of art, a monument of godly proportion. The cynosure of all my belly’s ache. I reach for it with my mouth, but you retreat. You surprise me by it.

“You first.” You respond as you remove yourself from my chest and commence the sculpting of my flesh with your mouth and tongue. I become the work of art now. I feel you. You show such restraint, and it excites me so very much. I just want… I feel your hand between my thighs. You’re starting to explore my depths. Yes! My hands on your head as your kisses reach my belly. I can’t help but exclaim in breathless moans. You reach to squeeze my breasts as you finally arrive, there, uncovering all my secrets. Anything you want. Yes. Yes. Yes.

My hands pull on your hair. I’m guiding you but you’re in control. How quickly you make me cry out. I’m trembling from the pleasure, the bliss, but you’re not done and I’m convulsing from your expert maneuvers. Oh, you are so good, and I am very, very good. The bed rocks violently as you quickly rush up, rocking into me with the force of a storm raging, ravaging. Pain and pleasure, how you know me so well to do what you do the way you do. Nothing but our flesh speaking, an uninhibited oration, expertly executed. The puzzle being put together over and over and over again, until I scream out once again. You kiss me caressing my face as I melt. My throat scars from piercing the silence while you croon my ears with your grunts and groans. Then like an explosion, we both soar, little deaths, births. Our mouths open, grazing, sustaining our climax with the sweet honey of our blended breaths. How I love the surrender of you inside me. Wasted after the heat of a workout under the stars we lay clasped together like links of a steel chain of timeless strength. That is who we are.

© 2020 Mel Gutiér

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