Chocolate pudding and…

I have my back turned to him. I can smell him, musky clean with the hint of the sea. I’m smiling as his hand travels my curves. His body nestles into me and my body reacts to his kissing my neck. I don’t know how we found each other but we did. We fit in the most perfect way. We match each other morning, day and night, sexually and lovingly charged. It’s been a long week. It’s Sunday and we’re both enjoying today by doing anything we wish. At the moment, we wish to do each other. His hand travels down my belly under my… It is a delicious wake-up call and it makes me turn to meet his lips. I’ve no problem with anything he does to show me how much he loves me. I enjoy him in every way. Our sweet chaos takes us over and soon we’re breathless, naked, resting on each other. His head on my belly looking up at me and my big satisfied smile.

“I can hear your stomach rumbling. You’re hungry…”

“Umm… yeah. I think after my work here, you might want to fix me one of your magic omelets but first…”


We laughed as we spoke it at the same time. We like to save on our water bill. This shower has always been for two. I don’t mind telling you that we’re not that clean yet. Once we do get there it’s more of “do my back” and “now do me”. Sometimes to save time we just rub our soapy backsides together. He’s not that tall and I’m not that short. Like I said, we’re perfect for each other. Once finished, we do head our separate ways. His side and my side. Get all ready for a wonderfully lazy Sunday. I feel energized. Two or three orgasms will do that to you. I’m quite lucky in that regard. Then again… so is he. I don’t mind bragging about it, but his cock and I have a special relationship. It is so harmonious that all I have to do is look at it. It’s a gift really.

On route to the kitchen I jump on his back and bite his neck and rub my face against his. I love his scruffy. It is my favorite feeling. Touching his face gives me goose bumps. He’s so sexy. Once he shaved every day for a week. I found myself lost, missing him. I know. It’s him with less hair but I happen to love the unkempt scruffy look. I feel drawn to it. It’s like a comfort thing. You know, like an old T-Shirt. A new one just won’t do. Today his face was quite delicious. I can’t help myself and he knows it. I bit him hard on his cheek as he put me down.

“Ah! Fuck!”

“I’m sorry Mitch! My darling. I’m so sorry!”

“It’s fine.”

“Aww… don’t be mad.”

“I’m not. Come here and let me pay you back!”

“No!” I roared in a giggle and ran off into the living area.

“Ahh… the temptress is a coward!”

“Yes! I am.”

“Come here love. I’m not going to hurt you.”

He said with a soft voice that gave me goose bumps. He was closing in on me and I knew he would catch me…


I screamed as he flipped me over on the couch and began tickling me. It is my weakness. I can’t stand it.


“Kiss me and I will!”

I did. We did. Then… there, on the couch, more chaos. It was turning out to be such a perfect Sunday. We spent the rest of the morning cooking. A few days’ worth of meals. We both love to cook. He is the better of the two. He’s excellent. I think it might be his secret wish to start a restaurant. I know it is. He just is very responsible. I hope I can convince him to do so. I know he would be happier than at that corporate prison that has him chained to project management. Mitchell has a loyal character. He might never leave them. His sense of duty and responsibility is one of the things that I love about him. Hmm… He’s been very quiet for the past couple of hours.



Uh oh… that is never good. He normally calls me just… M. I walk towards the other side of the kitchen counter to face him. I swallow a deep breath, fearing whatever it is that is holding him a slave.

“What’s on your mind? You’ve said nothing in the past hour and that is not like you.”

“Just busy getting these casseroles ready.”

“Mitch… don’t make me fuck you!”

He drops everything and starts laughing. That gets him every time. I’m relieved but still very concerned. Not like him. I walk around to embrace him. He puts his arms around me and we just hold each other in silence for a moment. Then…

“M… don’t you want kids?”

Bazinga! Holy shit! That is the last thing I expected. I swallow and look at his baby blues. He looks straight into my brown fire.

“Mitch… I…”

“Look, I went to the bathroom and found your birth control thingy and it just got me thinking.”

“I’m sorry! I forgot to put it away.”

“No… it’s fine. I’m just saying. We’re not getting any younger and I would like to make pancakes for our kids one day. Wouldn’t you like to go shopping with your little girl one day too?”

Oh my God! He is suddenly too good for me and I’m the wretched whore who loves having sex and… I’m scared. I’m scared I’m not good “Mother” material. I grew up without one and I’m not sure I can handle it. I don’t have the courage to tell him. What is wrong with me!

“Never mind. I gotta put these in the oven.”

Maura… don’t be a bitch! Tell him! My heart is racing, and my lungs are swelling with charcoal thoughts. It’s horrible. I start gagging like a cat on his own hair ball.

“M! Are you okay?”

He rushes to my side and when he does I’m hyperventilating. Tears flood my face like a crazy dam broke inside me. I’m such a stupid crier.

“Honey… my princess. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

I look at him as he wipes my face with a cloth and smiles. Somehow my mouth opens and stuff starts coming out.

“I’m scared. I’m scared I won’t know what to do. I’m worried it’s not… I’m worried the baby won’t survive if I take care of it.”

“You are so adorable and crazy! It’s not a plant. Maura you have so much love to give and that’s all any little human being needs. Love. You’ll know exactly what to do. You have such a big, passionate heart. It’s your gift to me… to the world… to our children.”

He made me believe it. He made me want it. He kissed me. I smiled and started laughing.

“Yes!” I said shaking my head.


“Yes! Yes!”

“We can try. We will just let things happen when they happen. No pressure or worries. Yes?”

“I agree. Yes.”

He lifted me up, turning me around the kitchen. We laughed out loud. It was a Sunday celebration party of two or three or… maybe four. OMG! It was actually sounding so beautiful to me. It was no longer that fear but hope that was driving me. He has such a way with me. We fix each other, we sooth each other and we make each other so happy. I wanted to bring the restaurant up but… he will bring it up when he’s ready.

“I’m going to make chocolate pudding to celebrate.”

“M… you will kill me… and I will love dying! Please make us a big batch. I love your chocolate pudding!”

I’m an expert at the chocolate pudding. I’ve been making the same recipe for years. I made it for dessert in a tart pan for him, the first time I cooked him dinner. Of course, he swooned over it. I knew he would. Almost done. I always give him the first taste from my finger. I get the second… off his finger. That’s my favorite part.

“God, woman! You’ve a gift!”

My smile made him smile. It’s pudding sex. What can I say… we are chaos. Goodness! Having his finger in my mouth made my entire body implode with crazy blood flow. He’s so hot to me. I want him all the time. He proceeded to put the bowl on the counter and grabbed me close.

“Wait! I have an idea.”

“Okay. Hurry! I want you.”

“You stand there and close your eyes.”

He gave me a curious look, but he complied. I do believe he likes all my ideas. I removed all my clothes and grabbed the bowl of pudding. I took a small amount and put a bit on each one of my nipples and then on my lips, just like lipstick. But my greatest desire was…

“Open you your eyes.”


“Drop your trousers cowboy!”

He didn’t hesitate. His shirt came off too. I walked over slowly, gazing on his rawness, which was quite delicious on its own but… Why not? Chocolate pudding and…

©2018 Mel Gutiér

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