Slave to love – Drive

This whole day has been a mess. Problem after mess of a problem and boss fucks and crap! I had no idea the meeting would take so long. It’s Friday and she’s probably bothered. She doesn’t get upset unless it’s really merited but… I hope I have explained myself well enough. She had this great evening planned, just us, though. I’ve screwed that up and I don’t think flowers will do any good. I miss her. I’m hoping to God that she’ll at least let me hug her. Damn! The house is dark. Shit. Here goes nothing. It’s 10PM. Fuck! I should have just walked away. No deal is worth losing time away from…



She is… I am so lucky. I’m…

“Come here, let me take that for you.”

“I thought you’d be sleeping and –“

“Shhh… come.”

She’s being so sweet. God! I want her.

“Becky… I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Are you hungry?”

“They had sandwiches.”

“Did they go for it finally? I hope.”

“Yes. Bastards dragged it out as much as they could though, but we nailed it.”

“Good. I shall be expecting the bonus trip of my life then.”

Fuck! Her smile. Her lips. Her voice is soft and comforting. I’m numb with affection for her. I don’t feel anything but her.

“I’ll take you anywhere you want.”

“Hmm… funny you should say that because I was about to get ready.”


“Yes… come with me. Let’s get ready for bed. Shall we?”

“You’re speaking my language right now.”

“You are something else.”

“I’ll be anything you want, my love.”

She’s blushing. Can’t wait to kiss that away. Kiss… pull her close.


“What? I’ve been aching for you all day. You really expect me to get ready for bed? I’m ready for you!”

Just like that. I’m holding her close and she feels so good to me. Her mouth is a sonnet and I’m swimming in her poetry. My love. She pushes me off gently with heavy breath. Saliva trailing between our mouths like a silken spider thread.

“Richard… umm… please oblige me. Get ready for bed.”

Her pleading whisper is all it takes. She usually has the best ideas and maybe I do need to rest. I am spent. I follow her tender command. We both go through our bedtime routine. She keeps checking her phone.

“What? Are you expecting a call? At this time?”

“No… umm… go kiss the kids good night.”

I’m weary now. What is going on with her? I check on Eliza first. Our feisty little fairy. She looks just like her mother. Makes me smile. Kissing her cheek is magical. I’m a very proud daddy. Alison, my lawyer. If I ever needed one, I’d hire her in a second. Eleven going on 21. Bobby.  I love this little guy. He’s spoiled rotten, but I’m going to make sure he takes care of his mother and big sisters. Tough little man. Yes… she always has the best ideas. I am so lucky. I feel better already. She knows me so well. As I walk down the hallway, I hear noise in the kitchen. A snack? Perhaps a special sweet treat. I love her brownies. Oh… my shit! She’s fucking sexy in my dress shirt.

“Becky… “


“Ummm… are you wearing anything under there?”


That coy smile gets me every time and I want to fuck her straight away. Laura?

“Hey Richard.”

No way… a threesome? No fucking way!


Becky’s voice wakes me from a near death of embarrassment experience.

“Laura’s here to watch the kids.”

Becky grabs her keys taking my hand.

“What’s going on?”

“We’re going out for a bit.”

“So long you two. Take your time. Have fun Richard.”

Laura laughs at me with a wink. Damn… I’m glad I didn’t blurt that out. Threesome. No. Especially not with her. What the hell am I saying!  All I need is Becky. She’s the love of my life.

“Beck… what are we doing?”

“I would very much like to go for a drive.”

“But we’re not dressed…”

My mouth opens wide as she reveals a bit of cleavage. Suddenly, a drive sounds like a great idea. We walk out barefoot, in our midnight best. The moon is splendid romance and her smile, the hearth that warms me. I can’t stop staring at her radiance. I want so much to keep diving into her sonnet. I’m aching for it. She teases me with her big brown eyes and with her mouth. She does this thing with her lower lip. She licks the left side of it and then bites it. She pulls on that side and releases the tender flesh moistening the spot. God help me. My body is already reacting. She wants to go for a drive? I shall take my beloved for a drive.

I love this woman! Her long brown hair is like swirled toffee. She tucks it in slowly behind her left ear.  She’s so sexy.  As I start the car she spreads her legs open just enough to make my skin jump back a bit. My mouth waters at the sight of her thighs. She bites her lip again. I’m under her spell. She’s not saying a word but her sexy is loud. I swallow a few times and adjust myself. There’s plenty of room in these pajamas and I am commando as usual. Adjusting is not much help. She laughs. I blush. Only she can do that. She has such a profound effect on me. Damn… she slides her hands on either thigh, caressing her inner heaven. Driving… trying not to get too distracted. Jesus! Does she have to raise that leg up like that!


“Oh! Turn left here, please. Just a few more miles.”

I know this street. Where is she taking us?

“Beck. Where are we going?”

“Just drive my love. I will reveal all soon.”

I’m a good boy and I follow directions well. Good boys get rewarded after all.
Music. I love hers and the song choice now is perfect. She’s completely mellow. Watching her car dance in her sexy way is one of my favorite hobbies. This woman is going to kill me alive. Breathe Richard. Breathe. My mouth waters. Each time her hands caress her thighs she goes deeper between her legs and that is where I would like to kiss her right now. Damn! I don’t even remember what day this is. I don’t care. I only know that I want her more than anything and I care that she is happy. She makes me happy.

“We’re here! Pull up there.”

Son of a bitch. Our old high school. Jesus! Our parking spot behind the bleachers. Yes! I have a big grin on. She tilts her head right and gives me a big smile. I’m parked in our old make out spot. I brought her here on our fourth date. It’s behind the building and between the tennis courts and football field. It’s dark and even with the lights from the sidewalk, there is a romantic softness. I kissed her socks off that first night. I wanted more but she wasn’t ready. Now… Holy shit! My mouth is open wide. Her big brown eyes seriously looking at me now. She adjusts her bottom as she slides… the fuck! This is like…


“Richard I’ve wanted you since Homecoming.”

“Really? Umm… I had no idea.”

“I know. It took you forever to ask me out. I’m not waiting another second for this.”

Her panties are off and she leans over me and I… tense up.

“Relax… just moving your seat back a little. I’m going to need some room and… so are you.”

That smile… killer. She owns me right now and she knows it. I’ll do anything she says, forever! She’s on all fours now as she plays that sexy song again. My right hand on her left thigh now. She is so warm. I want to go further than her outer thigh, but she commands me. I refrain. My mouth waters as her breath reaches my neck. She begins to kiss me softly. She knows me. Damn! She knows me so well! She whispers and I… die.

“I love you Richard. I missed you.”

“I’m sorry about tonight.”


She looks at me intensely. I love her so much for the way she looks at me. That love she shows me on a daily basis, intense now. I want her so much! I don’t press her. I give her full control. I let her… drive, steer me in any direction. I gladly volunteer my will and I won’t hesitate at any command. Her mouth… her kiss on me… She reaches down my belly and I raise my hips to help her. She reveals my want fully ready for her heat to surround me. Knowledge is power, so they say. My knowledge of her warmth however, renders me powerless. I’m weak as she wiggles herself slowly, surrounding me. We both let out a breath into each other. The blissful ache as if it was the first time I’ve ever had the delicacy. She arches her back. It is all I can do from gasping. She feels so good and I undo a few more buttons as she dances on me. My mouth touches her skin and my ears swoon to hear her moan. Her sexy sway destroying any control left in me. Her breasts love me back. Tasting them while she runs her fingers through my hair is paradise.


I know that call. I squeeze her tighter on me and we both tense up. She calls out again and I’m lost in her warmth, inebriated by her sweet collapse. In one fluid wave of passion, I am equally and exquisitely destroyed. Breathless and so in love, I kiss her open mouth letting her hair shroud our embrace. I love this woman so much. We continue our embrace until our affectionate whispers escape us.

“I love you so much, Becky.”

“Oh, my darling… I adore the way you love me.”

I’m grinning, blushing. She has all rights to me and I love that.

“And I… my beautiful sexy wife, adore the way… you… drive.”

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

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