Drunken wish

If I was there Pinned to your time and space Feelings tied up in my heart Burst into sparks of happiness Pleading fate On my knees “Let me stay Forever share in his life” A dream of growing old Together A journey of love Forbidden Beautifully unhinged You and I Raw honey touches Bodies overcome … Continue reading Drunken wish

Sugary dream

Eyes closed Fingers on skin Edge of breaths Heavy and reaching A bridge to paradise Thighs on fire Lingering supine A thrusting hearth Melting time Sweet desire Wrapped in silken sheets Whispers of love Screams of delight Clasped hands Lost, forbidden Pushing boundaries Surrendering to an ache Exploding in poetry ©2019 Mel Gutiér


I'm watching time, watching you Stepping lightly, heading towards you Having dreams, until you come true Dancing slowly, wanting to kiss you So into us, wanting only you Needing more, caressing you Closing eyes, picturing you Taking my hand, my fingers and yours Pinning me down, my body under yours Beautifully tangled, behaving flirty Moving … Continue reading Close