Dancing in the dark

Been writing for a while. Editing my novel and writing some poetry. Not sure I will publish the poetry here or keep up with my cynosure of reverie site. I think I like the idea of keeping everything in my head on this one site. Time to take a break. Lights out. Lighting candle. I'm … Continue reading Dancing in the dark

Dancing in my undies…

I love Twitter.  I've made some lovely friends and the writing community is so amazing and supportive.  A Twitter friend wrote something so delicious tonight that it inspired another bit of fiction in my head but it also made me want to dance.  So let's do this... *breaks out dancing like a pixie in her … Continue reading Dancing in my undies…

Dancing in my T-shirt to this

https://youtu.be/bhxhNIQBKJI Happy Sunday. Taking a dance break. Wrapping my brain around rewriting my novel. My characters are much more realistic now. I think I've grown and they've grown along with me. It's a romance novel but there are real life happenings and perhaps before I knew me better, I was fantasizing the story, not telling … Continue reading Dancing in my T-shirt to this

Dancing in my t-shirt – shaking up my creative juices

Hello my lovelies! Sometimes I just get a little bit overwhelmed. I try to do too much, spread myself too thin, until there's nothing left. I need to shake things up! I'm going to let stuff flow because I'm getting frustrated! So here I go, doing a little dance, shaking off some steam! Cuz I … Continue reading Dancing in my t-shirt – shaking up my creative juices