Dancing to my own rhythm

https://youtu.be/fPRZnGBhB_o I'm locked in on my own movement Sunshine kisses on a cerulean bed Warm carmel breeze kissing me Sticky and sweet Lost in my world, my creation The cadence of imagination Strumming my wildest desires free Dancing to the rhythm of my heart Not knowing but becoming Unexpected paths on fire Fueled by the … Continue reading Dancing to my own rhythm

Dancing in my PJs to Little Red Corvette

Lovelies!!!!!! Navigation system is a little off right now.  Approaching danger zone... may crash and burn. May just be on to something and I need to stay in my lane.  No.  I might hand over the keys and let someone else drive for a while.  The tired gets to be too much and the sleepy … Continue reading Dancing in my PJs to Little Red Corvette