Day’s end

I’m so grateful to Gabe for sharing these beautiful scenes and inspiring me.

I take my leave with you tonight

You hold my hand, my friend, my knight

No more of this nonsense thought

You comfort me, I want for naught

You share your bliss

I inhale this

A sunset laced with paradise

You ease my mind, it will suffice

We walk along a silver stream

Pensive reverie, surprise moon beam

You catch it now within a word

I listen as my heart is stirred

Sweet breeze, a dream, a butterfly

The peace, the love, the buttered sky

A shelter from all lucid strife

Hidden in this poor dear life

You smile a smile for my tears to mend

Such a caring breath, at this day’s end

©2018 Mel Gutiér

Tales. From a tea drinking nation .

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Wish I knew you…

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Gabriel Graham Lambert

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