Word to the wordy

When engaged in persiflage Please refrain from spitting A prolix, though rather sage Makes dunandunating quite off-putting Your paralipsis is a waste of time A zugzwag frivolous indeed No aeolist is at all sublime Ultracrepidarian of tmesis do take heed When in good company Smile and do not bumble No need for such frippery Rather … Continue reading Word to the wordy

Dancing in my undies…

I love Twitter.  I've made some lovely friends and the writing community is so amazing and supportive.  A Twitter friend wrote something so delicious tonight that it inspired another bit of fiction in my head but it also made me want to dance.  So let's do this... *breaks out dancing like a pixie in her … Continue reading Dancing in my undies…

Finish The Story #11

Welcome to Finish the Story The Haunted Wordsmith started a story, tags someone to pick up the story and add to it, then hand it off to another person, etc., until the story is complete. This has proven to be quite fun in a blogging situation since we all have different approaches. Rules– 1 Copy the … Continue reading Finish The Story #11

Dancing in my t-shirt – shaking up my creative juices

Hello my lovelies! Sometimes I just get a little bit overwhelmed. I try to do too much, spread myself too thin, until there's nothing left. I need to shake things up! I'm going to let stuff flow because I'm getting frustrated! So here I go, doing a little dance, shaking off some steam! Cuz I … Continue reading Dancing in my t-shirt – shaking up my creative juices

3 Day Quotes Challenge – Day 3 – Rebel

Sir Darren the Arty Plantsman has tagged me for this and I've gone nuts a bit as I do love me some quotes.  Thank you, my friend, for thinking of me for this wonderful sharing tag.  I enjoyed going a crazy rebel today with it. Here be the rules: Thank the person who nominates you. … Continue reading 3 Day Quotes Challenge – Day 3 – Rebel