Slave to Love – Falling

I weaken under the sky of his intense gaze.  The one that slices sexy every which way up between my... thoughts.  I take a breath just before collapsing into his arms, hypnotized by soft lingering daggers.  A tender cafuné leads to his devouring of my lips, quenching a hungry thirst.  My heart, imprisoned.  Flames ignite … Continue reading Slave to Love – Falling

Navigating the void #5: Empty Crown — constant Variable via Empty Crown — constant Variable Absolutely loved this share. If you have not read Constant Variable... Go! It is so worth it. Those of you who have been following for a while know how much music inspires me.  Listening to this beautiful mix made me pour something out for my Navigating the … Continue reading Navigating the void #5: Empty Crown — constant Variable

Word to the wordy

When engaged in persiflage Please refrain from spitting A prolix, though rather sage Makes dunandunating quite off-putting Your paralipsis is a waste of time A zugzwag frivolous indeed No aeolist is at all sublime Ultracrepidarian of tmesis do take heed When in good company Smile and do not bumble No need for such frippery Rather … Continue reading Word to the wordy