Villain WIP Excerpt – Torture

... “You haven’t a trace of villain in you. Why are you called such a thing?” She teased with a faint smile not wanting to give herself away too much. “My father gave me the name after I stole his bow and arrow, then gave it to one of the gypsies during the Baltian War.” … Continue reading Villain WIP Excerpt – Torture

The strumming of two hearts

At the end of the day, when the sun turns into an orange molasses, you trap my breath with your kiss.  I'm fixed on you.  Your soft strength reigns my desire.  Your hands strum my curves while our mouths dance to the tune of cotton candy dreams. Our silhouettes echo a powerful, soulful soliloquy.  It … Continue reading The strumming of two hearts

My Woman for All Eternity

Listening to the Bee Gees while restructuring Chapter 4 of SKoH.  Had to take a break and let this out.  Crazy, how my brain works.  Hope you like it. ***** Taking your hand. You’re nice when you’re… nice. Sweet. Ah… those eyes. You’ve got something I can’t look away from. Yes. I love it when … Continue reading My Woman for All Eternity