100 DoRaM: Day 81 – SKoH table of contents

I thought it would be fun and maybe intriguing to list the table of contents to Part 1 of SKoH.  I'm not posting any more excerpts.  I think y'all get the idea of the young love and what and where it could lead.  Yummy!  I'm very excited about getting this out.  I've been so nervous …

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SKoH Chapter 1 – Under Control

https://youtu.be/yZqmarGShxg SKoH has a sound track.  Sort of. Songs are featured through out novel. This track is featured in the first chapter.  I know I've linked it before but I can't remember having embedded the video. Hope you like it. Count down to SKoH - Part 1... continues!  Yay! Love y'all!

Matl and Joseph – Blissful Collision

... At that moment, something attacks me from within and I swear I could kiss him on the lips but instead I pounce on him like when I was little. My long limbs draped on him like heavy branches. He stands, picking me up along with him. Gosh! He’s so strong. My legs wrapped around …

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Matl loves Joseph – Part 1 of SKoH

Some Kind of Heaven (previously called M.A.T.L.) is an edgy coming of age story about a young woman, Matl, who is taken by storm during a pivotal year in her life. Her thirteenth birthday is just around the corner, puberty is “squeezing the woman out of the child” violently and she’s in love with her …

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