Some Kind of Heaven – Update

Still polishing/rewriting this baby. Yep! I heard this song just a few weeks after the idea for this story exploded out of my head onto the blank page. It fit perfectly with what I was writing. It was as if it was meant to be. After that, songs just kept matching scenes in my head. … Continue reading Some Kind of Heaven – Update

100 DoRaM: Day 20 – Writing M.A.T.L. Part 1

This post was my very first post, June 19, 2017.  I cried a lot while I was writing it.  It was difficult for me to stop crying even after I wrote it.  Not only the idea that I was going to publish my words for others to read but the idea of me daring to … Continue reading 100 DoRaM: Day 20 – Writing M.A.T.L. Part 1

100 DoRaM: Day 2 – Passion

Something that aches. Before I continue in my tangential ways (I love that word, I always have, though I prefer divergent. Tangential sounds too mathematical but it is… a good way to describe me, my writing.), I’d like to address the fact that this is a reflection into me, about me, my work and a … Continue reading 100 DoRaM: Day 2 – Passion