Slave to Love – Warrior Queen

It was a gift to be tormented by her. I bore it with pleasure. My body enjoyed the tease and my thoughts ran away with her silhouette immediately. The way she carried herself when unclothed placated my senses. I felt nothing but her, her universe. Surrounded by her milky way, she allowed me the courtesy … Continue reading Slave to Love – Warrior Queen

Slave to Love – Office Visit

David sat in his car for a while. He stared out across the street to the French Cafe where he and Mireille met for lunch the previous week. They both had been pleasantly surprised. The dining options downtown were not all that great, but the picturesque decor of the cafe had her smiling ear to … Continue reading Slave to Love – Office Visit

Slave to Love – Drive

This whole day has been a mess. Problem after mess of a problem and boss fucks and crap! I had no idea the meeting would take so long. It’s Friday and she’s probably bothered. She doesn’t get upset unless it’s really merited but... I hope I have explained myself well enough. She had this great … Continue reading Slave to Love – Drive

Slave to Love – Falling

I weaken under the sky of his intense gaze.  The one that slices sexy every which way up between my... thoughts.  I take a breath just before collapsing into his arms, hypnotized by soft lingering daggers.  A tender cafuné leads to his devouring of my lips, quenching a hungry thirst.  My heart, imprisoned.  Flames ignite … Continue reading Slave to Love – Falling


I'm watching time, watching you Stepping lightly, heading towards you Having dreams, until you come true Dancing slowly, wanting to kiss you So into us, wanting only you Needing more, caressing you Closing eyes, picturing you Taking my hand, my fingers and yours Pinning me down, my body under yours Beautifully tangled, behaving flirty Moving … Continue reading Close


Oh… the sound of your fluid chaos on me My waves crash against your foamy warmth I cannot hold myself any longer… I am bewitched Trying to find myself under your gaze You’ve captivated my flow and the ebb resists It refrains from its movement Wanting more of you on me, my curves, my storm … Continue reading Tempest