Some Kind of Heaven – Update

Still polishing/rewriting this baby. Yep! I heard this song just a few weeks after the idea for this story exploded out of my head onto the blank page. It fit perfectly with what I was writing. It was as if it was meant to be. After that, songs just kept matching scenes in my head. … Continue reading Some Kind of Heaven – Update

Navigating the void #6 I fall to pieces A soulless vagabond Wandering the void Jolts of sadness Exsanguinate my soul Stabbed by love’s stalactites Swimming in the pain Violent symphonies Shake my skin off Head spinning A nightmare of sonnets Birth a lethal cafuné Losing my mind Madness that lingers Imprisoned thoughts Rationing memories ©2019 Mel Gutiér

A stuttering heart Sometimes I feel like the world will collapse over me. Like I owe it something, but I don’t know what. I keep myself safe by saying little. Little of what is stinging me. I swallow it so as not to intrude on the happiness living out there, loudly, hurtfully. I don’t want to be … Continue reading A stuttering heart

Navigating the void #3

Isolation is my home I dwell in it with listless comfort Moldy thoughts empower weakness There is no dish to serve them up Buried in a cocoon of rabbit holes Where the minutiae of loneliness stifles I need only open the door A keyless lock laughs in contempt I fall to my knees imploring its … Continue reading Navigating the void #3

Navigating the void #2

I have been left rancid by life’s bitterness No longer able to regurgitate enthusiasm Lingering in the vast pit of chaos Disheveled by misshapen long stem roses Smelling sweet while pricking my essence I am useless to the touch, I sting Salt is etched in my blood I suffocate on its grain Forever gutted from … Continue reading Navigating the void #2