My curves… your hands Taking away my reason My mind floats on the edge Thoughts rush in and out Raw chemistry explodes Synchronizing wild desires A passionate surrender swells As night blends into morning A penetrating need blooms a fever Spreading a beautiful chaos Inner thighs and sinners’ sighs Glistening dripping honey Our music resonates …

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Slave to Love – Warrior Queen

It was a gift to be tormented by her. I bore it with pleasure. My body enjoyed the tease and my thoughts ran away with her silhouette immediately. The way she carried herself when unclothed placated my senses. I felt nothing but her, her universe. Surrounded by her milky way, she allowed me the courtesy …

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His Hand…

This moved me to tears. Absolutely lovely tribute. Must experience.

Growing Self

His Hand…

Her hand, pink flesh pure as the morning dew,

held on so tightly,

engulfed by His strong, yet gentle grasp.

He walked with her for hours, patiently listening to Her dreams,

Her deepest fears,

Her endless tears.

Her hand, now older, nestled within His aging grasp,

was not equal in size, but held the same strength.

A strength passed on…from Him.

A strength modeled…from Him.

A strength embedded within Her soul…from Him.

Her hand,

fighting back the tears,

held on ever so tightly, knowing His time was near.

She sat with Him for hours, patiently listening to His stories,

His deepest fears,

His endless tears.

Her hand, caressing his cold, lifeless hand,

embraced His, one last time…

She still senses His presence,

gaining strength from His memories,

His wisdom.

She wishes, for just one moment,

to be held by…

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Diary of a broken heart – Lullaby

Last night, I lay in bed as still as possible. I wanted to see if I could hear my own heartbeat. I wanted to see if there was anything left in there to make me come alive again. The ache was unbearable, and I cried myself to sleep. Still… I heard something. It scared me. …

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