Sugary dream

Eyes closed Fingers on skin Edge of breaths Heavy and reaching A bridge to paradise Thighs on fire Lingering supine A thrusting hearth Melting time Sweet desire Wrapped in silken sheets Whispers of love Screams of delight Clasped hands Lost, forbidden Pushing boundaries Surrendering to an ache Exploding in poetry ©2019 Mel Gutiér

Word to the wordy

When engaged in persiflage Please refrain from spitting A prolix, though rather sage Makes dunandunating quite off-putting Your paralipsis is a waste of time A zugzwag frivolous indeed No aeolist is at all sublime Ultracrepidarian of tmesis do take heed When in good company Smile and do not bumble No need for such frippery Rather …

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I have two other blogs.  Melsoliloquy for my thoughts and Cynosure of Reverie for poetry.  Never felt right to do me that way.  I'm bringing that content back here and just posting everything on Fiction.  My thoughts, my poetry, my fiction... stuff... my stuff.  It's all me anyway. Hugs! I'm full of love and inspiration …

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