My Beloved’s Blanket

Under the blanket of your love My world is a dreamy cyanic, shimmering heaven Under the blanket of your affection My soul dreams to breathe a new tender voyage Under the blanket of your care I am strong, bold, unafraid… peacefully courageous Under the blanket of your words I am comforted, supported, encouraged… adored Under … Continue reading My Beloved’s Blanket

PoL # 7 – Fever Breaking

In the morning when I wake Enjoying your dreamy voice And the sun is coming through, Images of you caressing my mind Oh, you fill my lungs with sweetness, Breathe sighs dancing in my soul And you fill my head with you. Dreaming heavily with your love   Shall I write it in a letter? … Continue reading PoL # 7 – Fever Breaking

Breathe sigh…

“You look nice.” “It’s just jeans and a t-shirt.” “Yeah… but they hug you just right. I want that hugged up body close to mine… come here!” “Oh… that song?” “Yeah… I know you like this version.” “I love this version with you. Oh… you do me like that… what do you want from me?” … Continue reading Breathe sigh…

PoL #5 – A heated forever

Take away the pain Comfort in your arms Tear me down in flames Your body igniting mine Touch me like you do Dreaming in your embrace Fall right back to you Can’t pull away from us Only to the cloud Soaring with your love With me when I'm foul Holding fast to you Touch me … Continue reading PoL #5 – A heated forever

PoL # 1 – The art of loving

Hello lovelies.  I don't know quite what to call these.  They are poems and I kind of play off the lyrics from songs I like.  So I guess... Play off Lyrics? Poetry off Lyrics? Either one... PoL for short? It will do, I guess.  I featured these with my 100 days posts. Back in college … Continue reading PoL # 1 – The art of loving