Thinking about Charlie

I might be a bit dramatic when it comes to my characters.  Charlie is... special. I can't help it.  I'm overwhelmed when it comes to him.  *Sigh*.  There were times when he is all I could think about.  This is from September 19, 2017.  I'm such a nerd thinking about my Charlie! I’m not trying … Continue reading Thinking about Charlie

Charlie gets mad

What you missed:  Found my Charlies,  Charlie in my head, Dancing with Charlie, and Powerful... Charlie Last year around this time I started a project called 100 days of reflection or romance or ramblings or something and music. It was a bunch of waffling and then music I liked. For the purpose of this post, … Continue reading Charlie gets mad

Powerful… Charlie

Previously:  Charlie in my head and Dancing with Charlie When he grabs me, taking hold of me, my belly tightens as he kisses my neck.  I’m destroyed.  I’m no more myself.  It’s an ebb of feelings that surrender in me, setting my core on fire.  I twist softly under him like a butterfly aching to be … Continue reading Powerful… Charlie