Slave to Love – Drive

This whole day has been a mess. Problem after mess of a problem and boss fucks and crap! I had no idea the meeting would take so long. It’s Friday and she’s probably bothered. She doesn’t get upset unless it’s really merited but... I hope I have explained myself well enough. She had this great … Continue reading Slave to Love – Drive

Some Kind of Heaven – Update

Still polishing/rewriting this baby. Yep! I heard this song just a few weeks after the idea for this story exploded out of my head onto the blank page. It fit perfectly with what I was writing. It was as if it was meant to be. After that, songs just kept matching scenes in my head. … Continue reading Some Kind of Heaven – Update

100 DoRaM: Day 81 – SKoH table of contents

I thought it would be fun and maybe intriguing to list the table of contents to Part 1 of SKoH.  I'm not posting any more excerpts.  I think y'all get the idea of the young love and what and where it could lead.  Yummy!  I'm very excited about getting this out.  I've been so nervous … Continue reading 100 DoRaM: Day 81 – SKoH table of contents

100 DoRaM: Day 64 – SKoH Update

Yes!  I am getting very close to completing what I need for Part 1 of Book 1 - Some Kind of Heaven.  It has not been easy for me.  I'm so emotional when it comes to my baby.  I've surgically removed it's limbs and then added things that... No way!  I'm leaving my chapters in … Continue reading 100 DoRaM: Day 64 – SKoH Update