You’ll never be mine

Dancing in the heat of a sultry dream Remembering your eyes wanting me Lingering on souvenirs made of words Burnt by love’s delicious fire Explosion of sweet aching passion and bliss A blush birthed to be devoured The river between my thighs Flowing freely, rushing towards you Drawn to you like a magnet A caterpillar … Continue reading You’ll never be mine

I am she and she is me

The way to her heart is dark Hides in secret under rocks Dampened melancholy whispers Whispered... whisper... whispers The sound of the rain tapping... tip... tip... tapping She closes her eyes wide... to a reflection unlike... Drowning Flood gates crashed and caused a burn Quiet vicissitude weighing heavy on her spirit As the wind pushes … Continue reading I am she and she is me


You and me A serpentine fire Swirling Traveling Efflorescence of love Mellifluous heat Harvesting kisses Burning Aching Touching Bodies dancing Provocation of breaths Gasps Moans Skin on skin Thighs entwined Mouths enchanted Eyes connecting Hands clasped Souls bursting Melting the moon A story unfolds Two hearts Become one Become forever Under the darkest night Become … Continue reading Embers