Candy mold thoughts

Dancing to the beat of a memory Childhood wishes thrown away Candy wrapper thoughts tossed Bubble gum narratives blownup Chaos crystalized in a lollipop Lick after lick, saliva paths outgrown Willy Wonka fantasies lingering A maze of doppelgangers made of sugar Smoke and mirrors tunneling through licorice Golden tickets warped, caramel poison Affecting the nougat …

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I miss you, a labyrinth

Hmm… my mind lingers in the sweetness of yesterday. It happens to me often. I decided that it’s okay if I do that. It’s okay if my mind wanders there. It’s what I do. I dream awake and fly away, far away. There are things… feelings… emotions. I can’t help it. I’m an ocean, with …

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Navigating the void #6 I fall to pieces A soulless vagabond Wandering the void Jolts of sadness Exsanguinate my soul Stabbed by love’s stalactites Swimming in the pain Violent symphonies Shake my skin off Head spinning A nightmare of sonnets Birth a lethal cafuné Losing my mind Madness that lingers Imprisoned thoughts Rationing memories ©2019 Mel Gutiér