Vampira – Young Olivia Brown

“Olivia! Child! Give me that!” Olivia veered at her mother as she pulled her decapitated doll away from her. She liked her dolly without a head. It was a great comfort to her. It was only yesterday her cute face looked at her but somehow, she found great comfort in pulling the head out of … Continue reading Vampira – Young Olivia Brown

V4: Unearthly

“Michael?” Peggy asked quietly as she observed a tear roll down his face. “What.” Michael answered wiping it off. “How long are you going to keep quiet?” “Peg, let’s just go find your brother. Okay?” He pleaded with a broken tone. He kept on driving a while following the directions from the GPS. He made … Continue reading V4: Unearthly

V2: Michael

Ellen exclaimed as Michael intensified his movement. He began to grunt as the feat was making it impossible to continue without reaching full satisfaction. Her arched back and tense body where signs that she had finished. Her moans, signs of the pleasure he had given her. He felt quite proud. It fueled him. It was … Continue reading V2: Michael

V1: Satiating Olivia Brown

“Gretchen, don't you dare question my authority again! If I say, you do! If I bleed… you are to lick the drops off the floor with your tongue! Do you understand!” “Yes sister.” Gretchen said trembling. Olivia’s voice was strong and seductive. Gretchen could not find her way in the labyrinth of her sister’s voice … Continue reading V1: Satiating Olivia Brown