Villain WIP Excerpt – Torture

... “You haven’t a trace of villain in you. Why are you called such a thing?” She teased with a faint smile not wanting to give herself away too much. “My father gave me the name after I stole his bow and arrow, then gave it to one of the gypsies during the Baltian War.” … Continue reading Villain WIP Excerpt – Torture

Movement – Villain WIP Excerpt

My dearest Vanessa, If my heart were to stand still and yours were to move, I would break. No. I would simply seize to exist. My breath would stop, vanish into the void. My lungs transformed into charcoal, choking life from me. I can't posses you but you do posses me. I will not accommodate … Continue reading Movement – Villain WIP Excerpt

MELancholy Monday – Villain WIP Excerpt

"I know you love me. I know you care. I know you stay awake at night and wonder about me. Don't. I'm a lost cause. I am the thorn gnawing at your heart before tearing it to shreds. You don't stand a chance of surviving me. Walk away, my love." © 2018 Mel Gutiér Image: … Continue reading MELancholy Monday – Villain WIP Excerpt