Dancing in the dark

Been writing for a while. Editing my novel and writing some poetry. Not sure I will publish the poetry here or keep up with my cynosure of reverie site. I think I like the idea of keeping everything in my head on this one site. Time to take a break. Lights out. Lighting candle. I'm … Continue reading Dancing in the dark

Repeat until it sticks

writ·er ˈrīdər/ noun noun: writer plural noun: writers a person who has written a particular text. "the writer of the letter" a person who writes books, stories, or articles as a job or regular occupation. "the distinguished travel writer Freya Stark" synonyms: author wordsmith man/woman of letters penman novelist essayist biographer journalist columnist correspondent scriptwriter … Continue reading Repeat until it sticks

Wish I knew you…

Happy hump day my lovelies! I have been working on the novel.  Thinking heavily on the next steps, listening to this and feeling happy.  The sentiment is strong with me and I wanted to share it. (I might be dancing in my PJs to this. LOL!) Hugs! (*winks, blows a kiss*) (lyrics) You shine like … Continue reading Wish I knew you…

Rebooting to this… Believe 

I am not a robot or machine.  I require tenderness, love, understanding, rest, sleep and relaxation... affection, hugs and kisses!  I also require music to reboot and write.  Some new characters in my head are being loud.  Not sure if I should listen. They do seem to like this song and they have subjected me … Continue reading Rebooting to this… Believe 

Feelin good… yeah… this!

Hello my lovelies... feeling this sultry sexy song right now.  Just feel inspired by love... by life... this familiar tune covered so deliciously by, Northern Irish soul queen Kaz Hawkins is perfection. Her voice... wow!  The jazzy, mellow croon just... man... so much soul and passion!  Just really puts me in a sexy headspace... you … Continue reading Feelin good… yeah… this!